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🖐 How to Beat the Impossible Freecell Game


On Windows, Freecell game #11982 is impossible to beat. But there is a way, albeit unorthodox. Open up Freecell and hit F3 (or Game -> Select Game) and type in 11982. Hit Control-Shift-F10, then move the 2 of hearts to the 3 of spades and voila, you won the game. At least, that’s what your game statistics will say.
Nearly every FreeCell game can be won. Only a very few FreeCell games are unwinnable. Using the basic deal numbering system that virtually all FreeCell games use, game #11982 is the first unwinnable game of FreeCell. After that only the games #146692, #186216, #455889, #495505, #512118, #517776, and #781948 are unsolvable out of the first million games.
FreeCell is a fun and challenging skill game. This card game is one that can be won almost every time, if you've got the right moves! Based on Solitaire, FreeCell is a card game played withe one deck of cards. FreeCell has eight tableau piles, four foundations piles, and four open cells.

Freecell Strategies - How To Win at Freecell

Unlike many versions of solitaire, nearly 100% of all freecell games can be won. And many players prefer to win a game entirely by their own wits, rather than relying on chance. Freecell is players with 52 cards and, just like Klondike Solitaire, build stacks in descending order and opposite color.
Now, FreeCell is a much more challenging game. Most folks have to play at least a dozen games before they finally get their very first win.However, once you get the hang of it, you can win a LOT more often than at solitaire. My brother told me there was a proof that all FreeCell games could be won, if you knew the right strat...
Yet, we can show that in all of those shufflings, only 8.5% of them produce a state which cannot be won through applying the rules of the game of solitaire. I dare say that if they taught this kind of stuff in school, kids might have more interest in mathematics!
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Impossible FreeCell Game #11982 - YouTube Can all freecell games be won


Game play in FreeCell resembles “regular” Solitaire in many ways, as you use the cards to build suit stacks and sequential columns of cards in alternating colors. Yet, most people don’t know that there are game cheats available to help them boost their FreeCell player statistics in Windows 7.
Yet, we can show that in all of those shufflings, only 8.5% of them produce a state which cannot be won through applying the rules of the game of solitaire. I dare say that if they taught this kind of stuff in school, kids might have more interest in mathematics!
The game is won after all cards are moved to their foundation piles. Not all deals are solvable, but the probability of an unsolvable deal is very low. It is estimated that 99.999% of possible deals are solvable.

starburst-pokieThe Hardest FreeCell Games - Books, Movies, Games - Science Forums Can all freecell games be won

How to Beat the Impossible Freecell Game Can all freecell games be won

This is one of three games in the first 32000 games of FreeCell that can be won in 19 moves. This is one of three games in the first 32000 games of FreeCell that can be won in 19 moves.
So, the easiest FreeCell game is game 25904 (in the first 64000 deals). Difficult FreeCell games: The hardest games that can be solved only using all 4 free cells (that is they cannot be solved using 3 free cells):
You mean after winning a game? I don't see exactly that. After a win if I call for a new game, but hit Undo before making a move, on the resulting screen I can still see my won status & stats for the previous game by hitting High Scores.

Can all freecell games be woncasinobonus

On Windows, Freecell game is impossible to beat.
But there is a way, albeit unorthodox.
Hit Control-Shift-F10, then move the 2 of hearts to the 3 of spades and voila, you won the game.
Update: If you think you can beat can all freecell games be won game, check again.
This is the starting layout.
The declared game 11982 to be impossible after exhaustive research.
I just played it and won the first time I tried it!
You probably mistyped the game number.
Is this hand still proven to be impossible?
She played another game thinking it was link />Try to open the game, than hit ctrl+shift+f10hit abort, than move a card and the cheat is done.
The declared it to be impossible after exhaustive research.
Are you expected to remember each move and be able to repeat it?
I came across this game and was trying for two days, every time hitting the impossible position.
Perhaps the reason is that four number sets are piled one on another in this set.
They are Black 5, Red 9, Black 4 and Black 7.
Is it still proven unbeatable?
But it still probably has no solution.
What are the odds that there is a solution or class of solutions but only when done by one very precise and unexpected sequence of events?
All it takes is for someone with expert level skills at scripting, to create an Algorithm that would explore every possible move, every certain pattern, and every combination in and there of in a single scripting program.
Even if there were a million different types of ways to attempt to solve it, a program can run through all of them.
Hackers do it every day to crack codes, algorithms, passwords.
After 20,000 attempts and no success, I pulled the plug.
more info far as I know this is a legal move in freecell, albeit a bit unorthodox.
The first time took me 40 minutes.
The second time, ten.
Just send me the steps to beat the game.
Update: As of 10 Apr 2014 Keith never replied to my request.
Since unwinable hands have been proven by example to exist, it seems logical that a pseudo-random deal would, eventually, produce such a hand.
If I were designing the game, instead of dealing randomly, I would start from a completed game and make a pseudo-random sequence of legal backward moves to arrive at the starting position.
Such an algorithm could not generate an unwinable game.
If it were able to generate 11982, then it would be solvable.
At least one would be able to say with certainty that all games generated would be winable.
Just want to know if anyone has won it.
I tried several times, then gave up and looked at the solution.
So I went to the Net only to find out that there are lots of guys who find it impossible to solve.
Did they generate the game sequences by working in reverse?
I remember tangleing with 11982 a couple of years ago, but after the destruction it was doing to my my win percenage, I gave up and forgot about it till just now.
I tried for several hours to no avail.
One more vote for impossible from me.
Thanks for the addition.
BUT I have been working on 11982 off and on for maybe 10 years and still no luck.
Glad someone said I had not lost my stuff.
I was stumped by 11982 for the last two days.
Thanks for saving me some sanity.
An unwinnable puzzle always makes you feel cheated.
I have tried to figure this out for about 2 days now and I have had no luck so I am hoping that someone that is better at freecell will not have any issues solving this!!!
Got snowed in for a couple of days and had game 11982 from the first moment I sat down to play.
Now I can walk away without feeling the exasperating all-consuming need to win this one!!!
The second one can obviously create impossible game, and 11982 might be one of them.
Then we should look at the probability to create an impossible game with the second algorithm.
I have a run of 5400+ without a loss.
In the end I Googled and found this site.
Like so many others, I wish I had looked earlier:.
I thought I would be in for a tough time with 11982 when I saw that all four aces were hidden either at the bottom of card stacks,or in the case of the ace of diamonds, one down from the bottom.
It makes it nigh on impossible to start clearing the game of cards before they start blocking avenues of play.
Now that the stats are less important I find each game is more fun for itself.
Before I start I can set myself other tasks to achieve, here as making sure the aces line up in a particular order as I free them, or seeing how few cards other than the aces I need to remove before that final rush of cards to victory, I have once managed only the 4 aces and a single 2.
That can make a relatively simple game take on a more challenging aspect.
Is that just plain too nerdy?
This is a mathematical problem, and as such absolutely can be proven impossible.
And it has been.
The simplest, and longest, way is simply to try every possible set of moves at every juncture until you reach a point where there are no moves left to make or only moves that go in a loop, like moving the same card back and forthand no solution was found.
There are numerous freecell solving programs out there that do this despite some concerns above about processing power, this kind of task is exactly what computers do well and far within the capacity of even an older computer to do quickly and, as mentioned in the article, many have been applied.
It is simply impossible.
The chances of a solution eluding millions of attempts is certainly low, but I would like to see a mathematical proof that the starting configuration of 11982 makes winning the game impossible.
The Freecell FAQ linked above mentions several I believe.
It can be considered possible only by dismissing a truly staggering amount of evidence to the contrary.
There are an absolute number of possible… you know what?
My task for tonight well, OK, might take a few days ; write a brute-force Freecell solver, with source because Click to see more guess you need to see the innards to be super certain, to demonstrate, definitively, that there is no, no, NO solution to this puzzle.
Three files are at that link.
Python programs are compiled on-the-fly, which means the program is the source code; you can open it in any text editor and see exactly what the program is doing.
This lists, literally, every possible layout of cards you can reach for 11982, and if you wish can trace them back to see what moves were made to get there.
There are paths that lead to two hearts being sent home, or two diamonds… but these are exclusive.
Getting the ace of one puts you in a position where you cannot reach the ace of the other.
Set up some solvable puzzles and see if it gets there, or put in obviously impossible ones and see if it throws them out.
I am really and truly impressed you did this.
In your comment, you were approaching the kind of proof I was looking for by discussing a step learn more here needs to be reached in order to win like getting the Ace of clubs or spades outthen showing how achieving that is impossible easier said than donewhich could then be used to prove the game is impossible.
But I have yet to see such a proof.
Writing a brute force program is useful, but as a fellow developer, we both know bugs can easily sneak past watchful eyes.
Using is probably the best approach for proving this Freecell game impossible, but even.
After trying yours, I downloaded a few more solvers —, and this.
Of course they all found 11982 to be impossible.
And as a side note, for anyone who thinks they can solve 11982, download and play the game so it will log your moves.
We know that no legitimate Freecell solution is going to involve moving two cards at once, or having a 5th freecell, or a 9th column, or starting a home cell at King and working our way down.
In Freecell, nothing is hidden.
Bugs can sneak past but, as a developer, you know we can test by example.
The example test board included in the source an almost complete board takes less than a second to run, useful to double-check if the program will run to completion without exhaustively testing each element on the way.
As such, we can see that, at least, the system as a whole works correctly sometimes.
In the results we can see cards are moving to and from every column and freecell area.
In this case, we can look at card list in the source and see if there are cards missing, or in the wrong order, or check for indexing errors.
The way the program works means the list of boards is initially populated by just one; the starting board.
This is one of the easiest things to check, in fact; just see what moves can be made from the initial layout, and these will be the first set of moves in the results.
You can do the same check at any point, but bear in mind some possible moves may have resulted in a duplicate layout of an earlier one and so be shown earlier, with a different parent.
I know later version of MS Freecell had higher numbers of puzzles with more unsolvable ones.
My email address is right there in the source.
Do you want a running tally of how often cards are moved from each area, to eliminate the possibility something is being missed?
Or maybe you just want full test boards, to prove that it can move every card, and is checking everywhere?
Whatever it is, and this is an open invitation, my email is right there.
Tell me what proof you need.
For now though, I am confident in saying once more; this puzzle is impossible.
But even if we had a billion other solvers all declaring the game impossible, a valid solution would prove them all wrong.
My argument can be summed up thusly.
However, dogs can play on iphone games that being said, I concede FreeCell falls within the bounds of an NP-Complete problem and can therefore be computationally solved with brute force analysis as you have done.
In short, I too am confident that game 11982 is impossible.
Will look for it from now on.
Now I realize probably impossible.
I discovered this forum and it confirmed my belief.
My little game is to not use a free cell to win a game.
Of my wins I was able to win 62 games Being a baseball fan, I call them perfect games that way.
And yes, I do have a girlfriend, play a shitload of golf and have a decent tan.
Freecell is much simpler than chess, which is not solvable in such a way or any way, for that matter.
For me, 17993 had been the most recalcitrant.
However, after about 50 tries at 11982, I consulted the Internet.
One shorthand of the play of the game would be to give the origin and destination of each card.
So moving a card from col 1 to the holding zone might be written 10, or can all freecell games be won a card from col 7 to its appropriate suit 79.
So a game might begin 59 18 82 and so on.
This is clearly a unique and complete way of writing the game.
Incomplete but suggestive would be simply to use the column of origin: the same game would start 518 in can all freecell games be won notation.
Might use 0 for promoting from the holding zone.
This latter method would be more in the nature of a hint than of a replay.
A unique notation would differentiate the four places in the holding area, say as a, b, c, d.
Sorry for the slip.
Usually, if it takes more than 30 minutes like one in a thousand gamesI look up a solution online.
Your posts here have been very helpful in convincing me to go ahead and ruin my 11981-game winning streak.
I hope I remember to skip over 11982 next time.
I will stop playing for a few days in case a work around gets suggested here.
I managed only two aces and one two.
That should only take a few months or cats can on android />Enjoyed reading all the comments esp regarding the elusive 11982.
Can anyone give me a heads up on how to do it?
It can be PROVED that not all games are winnable.
Both of those options will deal hands which CAN NOT be beaten.
As both of those deals are as probable as as other single random deal of the 52 cards, then that is proof positive that there are AT LEAST TWO hands which simply can not be played to winning.
Perhaps there might be thousands of un-winnable hands?
I wanted to know how many ways it is possible to deal the 52 cards into a Freecell layout.
Wikipedia says: There are 52!
However, some games are effectively identical to others because suits assigned to cards are arbitrary or columns can be swapped.
After taking these factors into account, there are approximately 1.
I think that is quite a few, like 17,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different possible starting layouts It would take a while to play them all.
It would take billions of billions of billions of years, probably longer than the universe will last.
I have other things to do — like wash the car?
Hmmmm … maybe not today — I need time for another few Freecells!
PS — I really REALLY want to see the solution to 11,982.
Finally googled 11982 this morning and got my suspicions confirmed.
Welcome to the club I guess.
No one seems to have discussed this possibility.
Hard to believe that all such switches of just 2 cards would all result in solveable games.
Write it somewhere else, then paste it in.
You can add as much content as you want.
Or, email me your solution to me by changing the first dot in the domain to an.
But plenty of people have said they solved it, but not a single one of them has ever had any proof.
As the saying goes, talk is cheap.
For me the first unsolvable one after 2115 games.
Proving by brute force might be practically impossible — not enough time of living.
An active Freecell forum in this day and age?
Freecell has been a dead issue for a while.
Another fellow said he had a few strings of 3 digit win streaks and played in the 90% range.
A REAL FreeCell player.
I, too, was a 90%er, and my high streak was 111 games.
I originally played FreeCell in Win 3.
So, loving a challenge, I set out to try.
And last year I achieved that.
I was originally bummed, however, when I upgraded to Win XP and found that the 33,000 layouts had become a million!
So in 2003, the achievable goal I had been working towards for 8 years became unattainable, but at least FreeCell was still FreeCell.
You could back up one move, and that was that.
If you closed the game, you logged a loss.
If you replayed the game, it was a loss, but you could replay until you won for only that one loss.
Bottom line, stats, percentage of 1st time wins and win streaks were challenging.
It was the chess game of solitaire.
You had to look seven and ten moves ahead to keep from losing a game.
But a few months ago MS forced me off of XP and into Win 7?
And I was disgusted.
Had todays version of FreeCell been the one I started playing in 1995, I could have had 33,000 consecutive wins.
Because 3000 or 33,000 means nothing on the current versions of the game.
Microsoft has killed the challenge of FreeCell.
I have been playing can all freecell games be won game Free Cell now for a few months and have WON almost 179 games in a row.
I actually played 234 and it shows 1 loss… but actually my computer shut down so that shows as a loss.
I just checked on the net to see if there was something special I could do.
So I just happened to land on this site and low and behold it shows this game.
I thought maybe I was losing great streak or losing my mind LOL.
So I will keep reading on this site and see if there is something I can do.
Does anyone have any great ideas or do I just let it go.
Another thing, being it is late at night, can I somehow save this game and close my laptop down for the night without losing the game.
Or should I just give up and turn it off.
So I will keep reading on this site and see if there is something I can do.
Does anyone have any great ideas or do I just let it go.
Keep doing this and write down the play each time.
After that write each play from the end to the beginning and that will give the correct plays to win the game.
GOOD LUCK … If anyone gets it please let us know.
Game 11982 has been proven to be unbeatable, get over it!
Thanks for letting me know 11982 is unsolvable.
After bailing out of that game, I was dealt 16351 by my computer.
This was a sweet follow up game, because I was able to play it down to two cards left; the King of Diamonds on top of the Queen of Diamonds.
I always play one game before starting work, plus the odd ones through the day.
Can the original freecell be downloaded from somewhere?
But if you happen to have access to Windows XP, you can by copying over FreeCell.
Thank you for your come backs.
I think the installer disks store the files in CAB files, so you would have to find the CAB file, extract it and copy the files over.
I might try it.
Freecell stats can be manipulated there to whatever ones wishes, including removing losses.
If you are into cheating, that works.
I bet some of the solvers above did a re-start trick on old Windows as I saw a solution on YouTube where if the game was restarted followed by an Undo, the 8D moved over to column 8 and then the puzzle becomes solvable.
My XP machine does that trick — restart 11982, do an UNDO right away and the 8D moves to column 8 and the puzzle is solvable from there.
However, yesterday I came upon game 131,990,624, which I have not yet been able to solve.
I have always used Macs, and it appears that the numbering of games is the same in Macs as in other platforms.
But how about 131,990,624?
Is this like 11,982?
I just ran game 131,990,624 through a FreeCell solver and it found a solution.
If you want to see the solution, this can show you the way .
Seems to me that a random deal could produce 20-30% of games that are unwinnable and that freecell would be a pretty frustrating game if not for the programmer not screening out all those unwinnable scenarios for us.
Another interesting question would be if you had three free cells, what percent of games would be unwinnable?
I never give up of solving any game, the most difficult for me was 617, but all others was solved with much less effort tries than 617.
Just now when I want to download FreeCell on my can all freecell games be won Windows 10I accidentally stumble on this discussion and actually laughing on comments that is not solvable.
It is, definitely it is!!!
Without cheating, without tricks of any kind.
There have been others that gave me grief, but I just made a note of it I keep a running log of the games numbers I playleave it lay for a few weeks, and usually I go back and can win after a rest from it.
My goal was to win all before I die.
So the race is on!
Who will claim the money, Leos or JJ Whorley?
Come on guys — Dan and I have put our money up — take it.
Or does it mean only the games dealt under their programs, which is quite a different matter?
It is entirely possible that they have decided to deal ONLY games that can be won — but they slipped in 11982 by accident or design.
So what to do about 11982?
I am considering giving my fellow nerds hope regarding a strategy to defeat the 11982 simulation.
I will tell them of one man in the future who faced a similar situation.
The simulation not unlike the Free Cell Conundrum 11982 we currently face was called Kobyashi Maru.
Now possibly, just possibly if we meld our collective wits together we too can redefine the parameters of FCC 11982.
HAS TAKEN ME 15years AM GOING FOR 32,000.
Comment by Herman C.
Could they have a solution?
What is Microsoft REALLY saying?
There are two possibilities, and these are miles apart in their effect.
Are they saying every possible DEAL is winnable?
That cannot be true because it is immediately possible to deal layouts that definitely can NOT be played to win — just select games Minus 1 or minus 2 -1 or -2 which are impossible, obviously so.
Have a lok at my post of 28 November 2014.
This begs the question about 11982 — did Microsoft accidentally include an impossible game which I feel is unlikely considering how the program probably worksor did they do it deliberately to stir up some interest and controversy?
If the latter, they certainly succeeded.
Today I asked her if she has beaten it, and she told me that she has.
What if she really has completed it?
When contemplating this enigma, consider games -1 and -2.
What if she really has completed it?
Just select game -1 or -2, and those games will be dealt up, and they are NOT POSSIBLE to solve, obviously so, even though both of those deals are still the visit web page 52 card deck.
It is clear that it is possible to deal other games which CAN NOT BE SOLVED without cheating, but these are not so obviously unsolvable as -1 and -2.
Game 11982 is one of those unsolvable games, probably one of thousands or millions or trillions of unsolvable games.
Break the new gently to Grandmama!
I went to this site — and selected to play game 11982 and started in — within about 10 mins I had a win???
Let me know what you find out if you can please?
I decided to go back to the game and restart it — then compare the opening page with your screen cap above — not the same game.
He did say, however, that the only game he has on his site that is unbeatable is 23775.
I have played this game for several minutes and so far have not found a way through but will need to spend more time on it to be sure.
You can easily create one if you bury essential cards deeply.
But Microsoft said they believed all of their games to be winnable, which makes 11982 interesting.
As far as I know, no authority in this matter claims that EVERY possible deal of 52 cards in Freecell is winnable.
I feel sure that is because they all KNOW that not all games are winnable, and very far from it.
Dan and I and many others are firmly of the opinion that 11982 is not winnable.
The instant proof that not all games are winnable is to select games -1 and -2.
These are IMPOSSIBLE at a glance, and many other games could be dealt which are IMPOSSIBLE to solve within the rules.
So, this suggests two possibilities: 1.
Microsoft people deliberately slipped in an IMPOSSIBLE game to cause some controversy, in which case they have certainly succeeded, or 2.
Microsoft people accidentaly included an IMPOSSIBLE game.
These are the only rules.
How much error could there possibly be in exhaustive searching?
Game 11982 is… Ya know what?
But just think — suppose you did find a solution!
Can someone please prove deals 24795893 and 53687601 to be impossible and say every possible position like Adrian Wood did with 11982?
I suspect 53687601 may be solvable!
The most interesting to find the most hard to solve for human — winnable deals.
The most decisive factor is the minimum length in movesfor solutions.
And this deal for solve, have a have many moves, almost longest, from the first million, approximately 51-53 moves.
However, in the set, more than 1 million, exists deals, with an even longer decision in 61-66 moves and even more were found.
These are all the deals I decided, but they turned out to be much harder than the 255317 deal.
Thanks, Best Regards, Sergey.
I got so bored with how easy the game is that I started just pressing F2 until I got 3 Aces in a line and then tried to set-up the cards with only 1 ace up and preferably no 2 and then on the last click watch the whole game play out the last 50 or 51 cards.
Many years ago, in the original game in windows, when there were 12000+ games, I played them all.
Every single one of them — from start to finish.
I tried game 11982 several times without success, and then came back.
I worked on it for a bit over two and a half months before finishing it.
Surely you would want to know the steps but I do not have them.
I did not keep records of the steps for each game.
But I do know that it can be done.
I do play Freecell from time to time.
I have never gone on to try the new levels beyond what pops up randomly.
And I have gone back to 11982 a few times to look, but never to solve; I am too old to waste another two months on that.
But I hope that no one ever posts the actual solution; that would ruin the mystery.
I think I started on one of the middle columns but cant be sure.
So take heart there is a solution.
I have can all freecell games be won solved, but I read, that someone wrote, that these numbers — WINNABLE.
Perhaps, most hard deals.
I have a few screenshots to prove it—no cheats.
I play the iPhone app version by MobilityWare.
I wrote to them and they never gave me a satisfactory response.
Finally, I went back to play the game again and record it this time, since it had not actually been very hard to beat.
But the card layout for game 11,982 had changed and was now different from the one I had won.
I was able to confirm this by comparing the new layout with some screenshots I had taken when I realized in the middle of playing the game that I was going to win.
A little online research of Free Cell expert sights revealed that the deal I had originally played and won was not the correct deal for 11,982.
I cannot confirm this because, again, MobilityWare has never given me a satisfactory response to my queries.
So if you were playing the iPhone app MobilityWare version of FreeCell at some point in the past and thought you won game 11,982, you very well may have.
Make sure it matches the card layout in this post.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

FreeCell Game #21587 Solved

How to Beat the Impossible Freecell Game Can all freecell games be won

The Hardest FreeCell Games - Books, Movies, Games - Science Forums Can all freecell games be won

Is there a way to get games from windows 7 to run on windows 10? I have a Dell laptop running windows 7 and a desktop running windows 10. You can do this by copying the Freecell files to your new computer like this: On your laptop, search for freecell.exe.
So, the easiest FreeCell game is game 25904 (in the first 64000 deals). Difficult FreeCell games: The hardest games that can be solved only using all 4 free cells (that is they cannot be solved using 3 free cells):
The impossible 11982 can be solved with 5 freecells. Almost every game can be solved with 3. Over half can be solved with 2. And almost 100 can be solved without any freecells at all. Take that, freecell! One of the big problems is that freecell games are not at all randomly assorted, and so pencil and paper solutions aren't around.


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