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🍒 Top 20 PC Games - 2014 - YouTube


These are the best PC games you should play right now. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is just the latest of our 154 expert reviews in 15 categories. These are the best PC games you should play right now.
GTA 5 runs beautifully on PC, and its open world is still the best of any game, a gorgeous sprawl that replicates everything we associate with Los Angeles: the flat heat, the atmosphere, the fact.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The best PC games don’t end upon completion of the final quest, and this is particularly true of The Elder Scrolls V. And if you want to play the action-RPG like an absolute boss, read our guide to Skyrim console commands.

Have you played the best game? Incredible trailers and epic music will give you the answer to this question! Statistics collected from multiple sites and survey!
Check out the best games on CrazyGames. These games are the highest rated on CrazyGames and are guaranteed to be fun to play.
The PC gaming landscape is evolving in 2014. Now more than ever we're playing games in their early-access state and helping out with development via huge crowd-funding campaigns. This is the year.
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The best PC games of 2014 | PCGamesN Best pc games 1014


Fancy some more games to make the most of your rig? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best PC games currently available, whether you’re on on Steam, Origin, Epic Store or any other service.
The best PC games represent the pinnacle of what it means to be a PC gamer. Sure, consoles are great and all - but the sometimes you just need to see what the graphics settings look like cranked.
4. Ghost of Tsushima. Fans of Assassin’s Creeda have long wanted an action game about samurai and fascinating Japanese culture. This wish may someday be fulfilled, but we will soon be greeted by the Ghost of Tsushima, the exclusive PS4 remote play pc that will put the open world of feudal Japan ahead of us.

starburst-pokieTop 20 PC Games - 2014 - YouTube Best pc games 1014

The best PC games | PCGamesN Best pc games 1014

The 25 best video games of 2014. and everything had to be on console or PC, as we’re handling smartphone and tablet favourites in another list..
Shop top-rated computer games. Best Buy customer ratings can help you find the best PC games to match your interests.
The 1014 is a global rugby community. Rugby you love, rugby you write. We bring sportsmanship, passion and respect into rugby content. Get involved.

Best pc games 1014casinobonus

SLIDESHOW The 10 best PC games of 2014 From puzzlers to old-school RPGs and a whole lot more, these titles were the cream of the PC gaming crop in 2014.
Which games stood out?
Which games have we already added to our mental canon?
The rules: All 10 games had to be fully released in 2014, meaning no Early Access games or expansions in the official list.
All games had to be released on PC.
Also, this list is in no particular order—there's "Tied for Second Place" and then there's "Winner," and that's it.
Without further ado, let's start with a game from Ubisoft.
And no, it's probably not the one you're expecting.
Hayden: In a year full of subpar releases, I hope Ubisoft takes a hard look at and learns from it.
It's not a huge game.
It's not a bombastic game.
It's not a long game.
But this passionate tribute to World War I manages to awaken more emotions in the span of four hours than Assassin's Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4, and Watch Dogs combined.
It's not the most complex game, nor the best-playing game, but from start to finish I was captivated by this tiny little puzzle platformer.
Hayden: Best pc games 1014 was a great year for RPG fans, and there was none bigger thaneither in terms of budget or in terms of sheer content.
While not all of Dragon Age's fabled 120 hours of content is best pc games 1014 to BioWare's usual par, there's a great story core that should more than satisfy fans.
Let's hope Mass Effect 4 has even a fraction of the depth and the sense of exploration found in Inquisition.
That's basically how playing Dark Souls goes, and the sequel's no exception.
And while sure, is just more Dark Souls—well, I think that's best pc games 1014 everyone wanted.
There are more treacherous corridors to explore, more bosses to murder, and this time the PC version isn't a broken piece of garbage.
It's an all-around success for From Software.
Brad: Like other Souls games, DS2 is sly in its storytelling—a corpse strategically placed here, an item with a glimpse of backstory there.
Unraveling Dark Souls II's bleak world is an absolute if uncompromising treat.
Hayden: is a snow-covered retread of Far Cry 3 in nearly every way.
And yet it's testament to how fun the core feedback loop is that the response is, "sure, give me more," instead of "ugh, this boring old trash again.
It's a hell of a rush.
Brad: Yeah, Far Cry 4 is astounding.
But even if it weren't, I'd be tempted to drop it in the list for its preconception-shattering and utterly spoilerific.
Hayden: Take the original Legend of Grimrock's retro best pc games 1014 dungeon crawling, make it so you get to go outside once in a while, and you've essentially got Legend of Grimrock 2.
And it turns out that's also exactly what the series needed.
The original was great, but moving everything to much larger, more consciously "designed" spaces beaches, forests, et cetera adds a sense of exploration and uncovering hidden worlds that was missing before.
Hayden: Here's a game I never expected to see on this list.
I spent preview after preview getting fed up with Creative Assembly's Alien interpretation.
Only after I got my hands on the full game was it clear that the alien of is actually the least interesting part.
It's the underlying corporate subterfuge between Weyland-Yutani and Seegson Corporation, the tragedy of the Working Joe, the station itself that are really the highlights of the game.
And it's a much better tribute to Ridley Scott's universe than any other Alien game out there.
Brad: No game has ever made me feel so tense, so hunted.
Alien: Isolation forces you to think best online games wikipedia every move, and punishes you mercilessly if you make the wrong one.
Highly, highly recommended—just don't rush it.
Bask in the terror!
Hayden: If you'd asked me a year ago whether I thought would be a major contender for Game of the Year, I would've laughed in your face with the strength of dual shotgun blasts.
And yet here we are.
Wolfenstein: The New Order alternates between deadly serious and seriously dumb, and it pulls off both with aplomb.
This is easily the best shooter of the year, and a strong contender for surprise best story of the year too—at least as far as big, dumb, shooty stories go.
Hayden: Imagine if, instead of dying in the early 2000s, the isometric CRPG genre had kept evolving that whole time.
That's what Divinity: Original Sin is like.
By allowing for more environment interaction—for instance, making lightning spells actually electrocute anyone in a body of water—there's an enormous amount of depth added to the game.
Combine that with some incredible dialogue especially when talking to animalsand this is one CRPG you definitely don't want to miss.
And with Larian already announcing two more games best pc games 1014 the same engine, we're in for a bright CRPG future.
Hayden and Brad: is the best puzzle game since Portal.
The game's full of "Eureka!
But that only scratches the surface of what makes the game so special.
There's also a poignant examination of religion, of what it means to be human, and whether there's a purpose to life tied best pc games 1014 />It's so good, it came this close to pulling off a last-minute Game of the Year upset.
But instead the honor goes to.
Hayden: Here's basically how our Game of the Year conversation went: "So takes it, right?
This post-apocalyptic follow-up to a 25-year-old game has its share of weird quirks.
However, both Brad and I agree it's the game we had the best time with this year, and it's a lot of time too—I'm rocking 50+ hours, and Brad isn't far behind.
It's a great showing for what's possible with Kickstarter—the resurrection of the dead CRPG genre!
Brad: The writing shines in WL2, but it's the sheer flexibility of the game that wows me: Every obstacle can be conquered in multiple ways, and you're held accountable for every decision.
It was like I plunged a knife into his child.
I don't want to come to blows with Brad, though.
He's huge and intimidating.
As a compromise, Transistor makes its way onto our Honorable Mention list, and my spinal cord with accompanying poor posture remains intact.
Brad: Every part of Transistor is so artful, so elegantly crafted and perfectly harmonious with every other aspect of the game.
The insanely customizable combat system.
Transistor gives Talos Principle and Wasteland a run for their money games best online bitcoin GOTY in my book.
Hayden: I'm having a lot of fun with Elite: Dangerous now that it's fully launched—cruising around the universe, gathering data on various far-flung star systems and selling it off for exorbitant amounts of credits.
But I've put probably thirty hours into the game since launch and my official verdict is.
I mean, it is.
It's playable and it's got a ton of stuff.
The game needs a better way to guide players into stories though, and there's just so much to see that I feel I've barely scratched the surface of an enormously broad but somewhat shallow pool.
It's basically an MMO, with all the benefits and problems that entails.
For now, it lands on our Honorable Mention list as we try and explore more of its 400 billion star systems.
Hayden: Crypt of the Necrodancer is still in Early Access and thus ineligible for this list, but that's a shame because it's by far one of my favorite games this year.
It's a roguelike dungeon crawler, except all movements and attacks are tied to the beat of the music.
I put more time into Crypt of the Necrodancer this year than I put into some games that were best pc games 1014 released.
It's even more intense when you hook up that crappy old Dance Dance Revolution pad you hid shamefully in the closet at your parent's house after moving away for college.
Hayden: The only problem with is that it isn't finished.
All we've seen so far is the first of five scheduled chapters.
But I'm a Longest Journey fan and a Dreamfall fan, so even a taste of this long-awaited sequel is enough to earn it a spot in the honorable mentions.
Fingers crossed that the quality keeps up and the full game ends up on next year's Game of the Year list.
Hayden: The only big racing game that came to PC this year was The Crew.
Meanwhile, the Xbox One got Forza Horizon 2 which is miles and miles ahead in terms of quality arcade-style racing.
Being a console game means it's ineligible for PCWorld's Game of the Year list, but it would be pretty high up there if it showed up on Steam.
Hayden: started life as an expansion.
It later got a full release as a standalone title, but for some reason we still felt weird throwing it on the actual Game of the Year list, so we compromised and put it here instead.
Dragonfall keeps the wonderful writing in the base Shadowrun Returns campaign, but it also rectifies a number of the game's mechanical issues.
If you skipped the original but are a fan of CRPGs, be sure to pick up this one.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.

The best PC games of 2014 | PCGamesN Best pc games 1014

Top 20 PC Games - 2014 - YouTube Best pc games 1014

Our reviewers spent 23 hours testing one of the most popular real-time strategy PC games. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when playing the game and we've outlined them here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.
Top PC Games Of 2014 ! The Best Game For the PC in 2014 in this Top List! Best Gaming PC 2014 will show you all power! Thumb up (Like) + Share + Comment + Add To Favorite + Consider Subscribing.
Top PC Games of 2010 2010 was a big year for gaming, but perhaps a bigger year for the world of advertising men's toiletries in a towel. Old Spice hit viral gold with its Old Spice Guy campaign.


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