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🤑 Casino Movie True Story - Frank Rosenthal, Tony Spilotro, Geri Rosenthal


Casino is a 1995 American epic crime film directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci.It is based on the nonfiction book Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas by Nicholas Pileggi, who also co-wrote the screenplay for the film with Scorsese.
a great scene describing how sam and ginger meet. please subscribe.
The Casino movie true story reveals that Sam and Ginger Rothstein’s real life counterparts, Frank and Geraldine Rosenthal, had a daughter named Stephanie and a son name Steven. Geraldine also had a daughter from a previous relationship with her high school love, Lenny Marmor (James Woods’ character in the movie).

Casino (1995) Ginger come back home without money

Before I ever ran a casino or got myself blown up, Ace Rothstein was a helluva handicapper, I can tell you that. I was so good that when I bet, I can change the odds for every bookmaker in the country. I'm serious. I had it down so cold that I was given paradise on earth.
Samuel "Ace" Rothstein is the main protagonist and anti-hero of the 1995 film Casino. He is based off the real life Las Vegas casino executive and Mafia associate; the late Frank Lawrence "Lefty" Rosenthal. He was portrayed by Robert De Niro, who also played Vito Corleone. Biography
"Casino" doesn't do as much as it might have with the tale of Ace and Ginger's merger, which shares the whole film's taste for gleaming surface over inner depth.
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Casino - Ginger Trashes Ace's Yard (1080p) - YouTube Casino ace and ginger


Casino Trivia Questions & Answers : Movies A-C This category is for questions and answers related to Casino, as asked by users of Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible.
Sam "Ace" Rothstein (Robert DeNiro) is an honest man in a city of corruption, but his efforts to fly straight as a casino boss are upset by his wife Ginger (Sharon Stone) and psychopathic childhood friend Nicky (Joe Pesci). Sam follows rules, respects competence and loyalty, and works hard.
Director Martin Scorsese reunites with members of his GoodFellas gang (writer Nicholas Pileggi; actors Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Frank Vincent) for a three-hour epic about the rise and fall of mobster Sam "Ace" Rothstein (De Niro), a character based on real-life gangster Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal.

starburst-pokieCasino Movie True Story - Frank Rosenthal, Tony Spilotro, Geri Rosenthal Casino ace and ginger

Casino Movie Review & Film Summary (1995) | Roger Ebert Casino ace and ginger

Tatkräftige Unterstützung erhält der Manager dabei von dem Schläger Nicky Santoro. Als "Ace" sich in die attraktive Prostitiuierte Ginger McKenna verliebt, beginnen die Dinge außer Kontrolle zu geraten. Denn Ginger ist nicht nur drogen-, sondern auch extrem geltungssüchtig.
Ace plays by the rules (albeit Vegas rules, which, as he reminds the audience in voiceover, would make him a criminal in any other state), while Nicky and Ginger lie, cheat, and steal their.
Voila! Finally, the Casino script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone, Kevin Pollak, James Woods, yadda yadda This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Casino.

Casino ace and gingercasinobonus

Nastier, more playful, and just as good if not better than the original film.
The managing editor of RogerEbert.
The managing editor of RogerEbert.
One of our foreign correspondents looks at Cold War.
An interview with the multi-talented Rachel Bloom about the end of her show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
The same is true of Las Vegas.
There is a universal need to believe in an outfit that exists outside the rules and can get things done.
There's a related need for a place where the rules are suspended, where there's no day or night, where everything has casino ace and ginger price, where if you're lucky, you go home a millionaire.
Of course, people who go to Vegas lose money, and people who deal with the mob, regret it.
But hope is what we're talking about.
Neither the mob nor Vegas could exist if most people weren't optimists.
Advertisement Martin Scorsese's fascinating new film "Casino" knows a lot about the Mafia's relationship with Las Vegas.
It's based on a book bywho had full access to a man who once ran four casinos for the mob, and whose true story inspires the movie's plot.
Like "," it makes us feel like eavesdroppers in a secret place.
The movie opens with a car bombing, and the figure of Sam "Ace" Rothstein floating through the air.
The movie explains how such a thing came to happen to him.
The first hour plays like a documentary; there's a narration, by Rothstein and others, explaining how the mob skimmed millions out of the casinos.
It's an interesting process.
Assuming you could steal 25 percent of the slot-machine take - what would you do with tons of coins?
How would you convert them into bills that could be stuffed into the weekly suitcase for delivery to the mob in Kansas City?
It also knows how to skim from the other games, and from food service and the gift shops.
And it knows about how casinos don't like to be stolen from.
There's an incident where a man is cheating at blackjack, and a couple of security guys sidle up to him and jab him with a stun gun.
He collapses, the security guys call for medical attention, and hurry him away to a little room where they pound on his fingers with a mallet and he agrees that he made a very bad mistake.
Rothstein, based on the real-life figure of Frank Lefty Rosenthal, starts life as a sports oddsmaker in Chicago, attracts the attention of the mob because of his genius with numbers and is assigned to run casinos because he looks like an efficient businessman who will encourage the Vegas goose to continue laying its golden eggs.
He is a man who detests unnecessary trouble.
One day, however, trouble finds him, in the person of Ginger McKennaa high-priced call girl.
Advertisement Scorsese shows him seeing Ginger on a TV security monitor and falling so instantly in love that the image becomes a freeze-frame.
Ace showers her with gifts, which she is happy to have, but when he wants to marry her, she objects; she's been with a pimp named Lester Diamond since she was a kid, and she doesn't want to give up her profession.
Rothstein will make her an offer she refuse: cars, diamonds, furs, a home with a pool and the key to his safety-deposit box.
learn more here is Continue reading first mistake.
Another mistake slots and signals to meet Nicky Santoro when they were both kids in Chicago.
Nicky is a thief and a killer, who comes to Vegas, forms a crew and throws his weight around.
After he squeezes one guy's head in a vise, the word goes out that he's the mob's enforcer.
Not true, but people believe it, and soon Nicky's name is being linked with his old pal Ace in all the newspapers.
Scorsese tells his story with the energy and pacing he's famous for, and with a wealth of little details that feel just right.
Not only the details of tacky 1970s period decor, but little moments such as when Ace orders the casino cooks to put "exactly the same amount of blueberries in every games for christmas banquets click here when crucial evidence is obtained because a low-level hood kept a record of his expenses.
And when Ace hosts a weekly show on local TV - and reveals a talent for juggling.
Meanwhile, Ginger starts drinking, and Ace is worried about their kid, and games for christmas banquets start having public fights, and she turns to Nicky for advice that soon becomes consolation, and when Ace finds out she may be fooling around, he utters a line that, in its way, is perfect: "I just hope it's not somebody who I think it might be.
But when Ace met Ginger and when Nicky came to town, the pieces were in place for the mob to become the biggest loser in Vegas history.
Scorsese gets the feel, the mood, almost the smell of the city just right; De Niro and Pesci inhabit their roles with unconscious assurance, Stone's call girl is her best performance, and the supporting cast includes such people aswhose very presence evokes an era his job is to stand impassively beside the boss and look very sad about what might happen to whoever the boss is talking to.
Advertisement Unlike his other Mafia movies "" and ""Scorsese's "Casino" is as concerned with history as with plot and character.
The city of Las Vegas is his subject, and he shows how it permitted people like Ace, Ginger and Nicky to flourish, and then spit them out, because the Vegas machine is too profitable and powerful to allow anyone to slow its operation.
When the Mafia, using funds from the Teamsters union, was ejected in the late 1970s, the 1980s ushered in a new source of financing: junk bonds.
The guys who floated those might be the inspiration for "Casino II.
In a sense, people need to believe a town like Vegas is run by guys like Ace and Nicky.
In a place that breaks the rules, maybe you can break some, too.
For those with the games for christmas banquets mentality, it's actually less reassuring to know that giant corporations, financed by bonds and run by accountants, operate the Vegas machine.
They know all the odds, and the house always wins.
With Ace in charge, who knows what might happen?
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Hes Not the Same Person

Casino - Ginger Trashes Ace's Yard (1080p) - YouTube Casino ace and ginger

Casino Movie Review & Film Summary (1995) | Roger Ebert Casino ace and ginger

Frank Lawrence "Lefty" Rosenthal (June 12, 1929 – October 13, 2008) was a professional sports bettor, former Las Vegas casino executive, and organized crime associate. Martin Scorsese's film Casino (1995) is based on his career in Las Vegas.
Casino is a 1995 crime film directed by Martin Scorsese that follows a mobster and his rise to success while running a mob-controlled casino in Las Vegas. The film was inspired by the events surrounding the mob-controlled Stardust casino in Las Vegas during the 1970's.
Director Martin Scorsese reunites with members of his GoodFellas gang (writer Nicholas Pileggi; actors Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Frank Vincent) for a three-hour epic about the rise and fall of mobster Sam "Ace" Rothstein (De Niro), a character based on real-life gangster Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal.


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